This spring was a strong one for viewing Bald Eagles on the Rappahannock River. They were as active as ever and all over the place like I’ve never seen before.

Part 2 – The Eagles

The Eagles are ever-present on the Rappahannock River, but seeing so many this year came as a bit of a surprise. They hover over the river waiting to intimidate the Osprey and steal their catch. It’s an incredible chase to watch… the osprey are more agile and can turn on a dime, the Eagles are more powerful, fast and aggressive. Occasionally a determined Osprey can wear out a single Eagle, but in the end the Eagle almost always wins. The Osprey drop their catch, and the Eagles swoop down and catch the fish in mid air. After that you often see a second or even third Eagle come into the picture to make their claim on the catch. Once spring is in full bloom and the trees have greened, it’s much more difficult to find them and they seem to disappear into summer like ghosts. Here are some of the seasons best Eagle photos.

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